Meghan Anzelc, Ph.D. shared her perspective on the question “How Do Chief Technology Officers Ensure Ethical Considerations in Technology Strategies?” published today.

“Involve Diverse Experts and Assess Risks:

“Include a diverse set of experts (compliance, risk, IT, business stakeholders) in developing your technology strategy. Leverage those different perspectives to understand and balance ethical risks with upside opportunities. Look for where you may need to adjust your strategy. You may discover a supplier or partner solution isn’t aligned with your organization’s ethical standards and need to adjust accordingly. Or perhaps there is a risk of deliberate or unintended misuse of technology that raises ethical issues.

“Consider the people side of technology. You may need to refresh or launch new training to ensure users understand their responsibilities to use technology in ethical ways. Effective communication and change management plans are key to ensuring your organization understands why ethics is important in technology strategy and execution.

“It’s also important to implement ongoing monitoring and the ability to adjust strategy as needed. As regulations change across the globe, as new partners and vendors are evaluated, or as existing ones adjust their technology offerings, having a process to continually evaluate ethical considerations is crucial. Using a combination of proactive and reactive approaches can keep your technology strategy aligned with your ethical standards and your organization’s values.”

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