Meghan Anzelc, Ph.D. shared her experiences with in the article “How Can You Maintain Morale During Tough Organizational Transitions?

“Acknowledge Transition Challenges:

“One strategy that has been effective is to recognize and acknowledge that it is a difficult transition. Communicating that anxiety and uncertainty are normal and part of the transition helps to convey understanding of, and empathy for, what everyone is feeling.

“I’ve found it helpful to provide productive forums for people to share their concerns and worries; while it’s important to ensure this doesn’t turn into long-running venting sessions, it can be a way to provide people a place to share their perspectives and learn from other colleagues about how they are dealing with the transition.

“Gentle reminders that learning and growth only happen when we are uncomfortable can help reframe the situation as an opportunity to build resiliency skills and share effective approaches to navigating the situation successfully.”

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